Research and Communication Intern

Femme First Foundation (FFF) is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation committed to amplifying women's leadership in Indian politics. As a development communication student, an opportunity to intern with the foundation, furthered my understanding of the role of identities – personal, social and political in influencing the lives of individuals.

My roles and responsibilities included content creation, developing and executing a social media strategy for the organisation and conducting secondary research on gender and politics, and summarize findings for dissemination across various platforms.

February - June 2021


June - September 2020

Researching Reality Intern

Researching Reality is the flagship internship programme of Centre for Civil Society (CCS), a Delhi-based policy think-tank.

During the course of my four-month long internship with CCS, I along with my co-authors studied the regulatory framework governing the funding of Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) in India.The attached compendium includes a chapter titled - 'The difficulty of doing good', co-authored by me.

Data Coding and Analysis Intern

As a student who has always been fascinated about development research, my experience of assisting in the Teacher Resource and Education Center - Community Health Survey (TREC-CHS) has changed my perspective towards the research process.

From going beyond entering data and finding relations between the emerging themes, coding for TREC-CHS has been a journey of learning for me. Understanding the nuances of qualitative responses, just treatment of every word shared by the respondent, coding as a system of organising and verifying the data and more than anything, being amazed yet again by the different realities of different communities, even though they are so closely located.

June - September 2020

April - May 2020

Development Communications Intern

At Kriti Team, a Delhi-based public charitable trust, I contributed to the organisation's daily documentary screening initiative, fundraising efforts for domestic workers and daily wagers during the COVID-19 pandemic, social media handling, creating audio-visual stories for children and organised webinars in collaboration with the Department of Development Communication and Extension, Lady Irwin College.

From learning the art of sensitive and empathetic communication to producing a bunch of unique designs and communication materials, I have had an amazing opportunity to work on my visual designing skills.

Research and Communication Intern

ROSHNI – Centre of Women Collectives led Social Action (CWCSA), was set up with a vision to empower women collectives, and equip them to lead social action on food, nutrition, health, WASH (FNHW) and gender interventions. The centre serves as a technical and knowledge management support unit to DAY-NRLM.

I assisted the organisation in research, documentation and social media handling.

March - December 2020


December 2019 - January 2020

Research Intern

GRAVIS is a leading NGO working in the Thar Desert, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, and Bundelkhand regions of India. The Gandhian philosophy of Sarvodaya—all rising, but the last person first—is the basis of GRAVIS' strategy and approach.

During my internship with GRAVIS, I studied the role of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in empowering women. Also, along with my fellow interns, I conducted awareness sessions in the rural schools of Rajasthan on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

Research Assistant

As a research assistant to Prof. Lutz Preuss, Kedge Business School and Dr. Bimal Arora, Aston Business School, I had the wonderful opportunity of learning about the multi-faceted issue of decision-making on sustainability issues using 'Mental Maps'.

The experience helped me gain insights on how professionals from different domain approach the concept of 'sustainability'.

April - November 2019

Program Management and Communication Intern

Women Power Connect (WPC) is a national level network of over 800 women's organisations and members across India.

As an intern at WPC, I assisted in conceptualising and managing the Genderlogue - a forum for dialogue between internal committee members, the college administration and the concerned students. I assisted the team as the events were held at Jamia Milia Islamia and Lady Irwin College by designing the poster, reviewing the Genderlogue Module and noting of minutes for the sessions held.

Research Intern

The Lady Irwin College - Michigan State University (LIC-MSU) Twinning Programme gave me an invaluable exposure to the field of development and extension.

Discovering unknown realities of villages I had never been to, alongwith American and Indian students who I barely knew before the programme has been one experience I will never forget.

While staying with a local organisation 'Uttarakhand Jan Jagriti Sansthan' in the Tehri-Garhwal region of the state, I was able to understand the issue of migration of men to cities prevailing in the villages and further learn the impact of migration on women living in the hills. One of my key learnings has been published by India Development Review.

Media and Communications Intern

As a Media and Communications intern at Save the Children India, I was involved in reviewing the communications guideline for the organisation and updating it to be more relevant to contemporary times, prepared a note on Child Protection and also worked briefly on the script for a film on Child Protection

Shruti Vinod

Communication for Development (C4D) Specialist | Researcher | Consultant